Troubleshooting Frequent Antiquated Combination Safe Issues

Whether you have a safe in your family that has been handed down through the generations or you happen to obtain one in a different way, it is likely that what you have will boast a crude version of the combination lock. While combination locks on safes brought about an entirely new level of security, these outdated locking mechanisms do not come without their downfalls; occasionally, you will have problems with the combination lock on your antique safe. Read More 

Use A Garden To Create Privacy For Your Patio

Patios are great spaces for outdoor living. Practically anything you can do indoors, from dining to snoozing, can be done on your patio. Well, these things are possible as long as you don't mind doing them out in the open. Or you can create a sense of privacy for your patio with well-placed landscaping. Build a Planter One way to create a barrier between your patio and the outside world is with a built-in planter. Read More 

Four Stand-Alone Special Touches That Will Make Your Guest Bathroom Feel Luxurious

When you have guests stay over, you want them to feel welcomed and pampered -- but designing a guest bathroom with a luxurious spa appeal can be costly. If you're on a budget but still want to design a luxurious spa bathroom, a good compromise is to choose one special touch. Here's a look at four stand-alone special touches that will make your entire guest bathroom feel more luxurious. A Granite Vanity Read More 

Fruit Flies That Won’t Die: Get Rid Of The Problem Once And For All

If you have a fruit fly problem throughout the home and you can't find a way to get rid of those pesky little pests, there are a few professionals you'll want to have come to the home. There are many places where the flies could be coming from, but the experts can help eliminate the attraction. Clean your house from top to bottom to make sure you don't have crumbs and liquids on the counters or around the tables, and then let the professionals do the rest of the work. Read More 

Not Just Any Toilet Is Suitable For The Basement, Focus On These

There are many advantages to adding a bathroom to your basement. For example, it is convenient not to go upstairs every time nature calls, your guests don't have to share your bathroom, and your children or elderly loved ones don't have to climb the stairs to use the bathroom. However, due to the location of the basement below the main drainage line of the house, gravity-based toilets may not work best here. Read More