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Should You Repair or Replace Your Portable Heater?

Whether you use a portable or space heater to avoid high electricity bills, or just enjoy that burst of extra warmth while you relax on the couch or huddle under the covers, heating a small space can provide big advantages. However, when your heater breaks down, you may face a tough decision: should you try to repair it yourself or purchase a new one? Depending upon the size and structure of your heater, you may be able to perform some simple repairs yourself. Read More 

Remodeling Your Kitchen: Choosing The Right Stove For You

When you decide that it is time to finally remodel your kitchen, you have a wide variety of decisions to make. These decisions do not only extend to the building materials you will use and the architectural design, but also to your new and improved appliances. One of the most important appliance decisions you will make in this process is your choice of stove. When deciding which stove is right for you, it is important to analyze the various benefits of each type of stove. Read More 

Two Tips For Those Needing To Replace Their Septic Systems

Your home's septic system is likely one of the most important components for your plumbing system, and without this device, it may be impossible for your home to dispose of waste-water. Unfortunately, these systems will eventually start to break down, and when this happens, it may be necessary to install a new one. There are a couple of tips you can follow to help ensure that your home gets the most from its new septic system: Read More 

Why You Should Install Granite Countertops

You should consider granite countertops when designing or installing a new cabinet system in any room in your home. Granite countertops are great for kitchens, bathrooms and even for an office desk. This article explains the advantages and great features of granite countertops. Granite Is Unique Perhaps the first and most obvious advantage of granite is that each slab is unique. Granite is cut directly from the earth's core. This means every piece is truly unique. Read More 

How To Prepare Your Home’s AC System For The Summer Heat

Before the spring and summer heat hits, it helps to get your home's air conditioning system prepared for it. Since you have likely not had your air conditioning on for several months due to the cold winter months, you will need to perform some cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC system. Whether you have central air or a window air unit, it needs to be prepared before you find yourself roasting in 100-degree weather. Read More