Fixing Windshield Cracks

When you get a small crack or chip in your vehicle's windshield, you will need to act fast and have it repaired so that it will not move beyond the affected area. Small cracks are known to become large cracks very quickly when left in place. Fixing windshield cracks can be done in the comfort of your own yard if you have the right tools and a little time. Here are some instructions you can use to fix your own cracked or chipped windshield. Read More 

Sod Vs. Hydroseeding Your Yard

When you need to put grass in your yard, choosing the right option is important so that your yard grows as well as possible. If you are trying to decide between hydroseeding and sod, then here are some pros and cons to help you better understand each choice. Hydroseeding Pros First, there are some great pros to hydroseeding. For one, it is not nearly as expensive as sod because the hydroseed is just seed and has not been grown into grass yet. Read More 

Is A Green Roof Right For Your Home?

"Going green" is a phrase that seems to be thrown around more frequently with each passing year. As a whole, inhabitants of the United States are starting to realize that there are things they can do in everyday life to help the environment. For example, the roof on your home can be converted to a "green roof". You will be doing something that is considered to be environmentally accepted while having an interesting roof in the process. Read More 

Mold Removal: Call In The Professionals Or Deal With It Yourself?

Wherever there is moisture, there is mold. If mold has become a problem in your home, consider your removal options. In many situations, mold can be dealt with by yourself, as long as safety takes precedence. For larger removals, or those dealing with black mold, it is important to call in professionals who have experience in the proper removal of mold. Determine the Type of Mold You're Dealing With Mold of any kind can be harmful to human beings. Read More 

How To Install A Window Air Conditioning Unit

Proper installation of your window air conditioning unit is essential to your home's security and the stability of your air conditioner. In order to ensure you are completing this task properly, simply follow the step by step instructions outlined below. Supplies You Will Need screwdriver level weather stripping screws (choose appropriate screws for the material of your window frame) mounting bracket (one may have been included with your air conditioner) Step 1: Attach Mounting Bracket To Window Sill Read More