How To Install A Window Air Conditioning Unit

Proper installation of your window air conditioning unit is essential to your home's security and the stability of your air conditioner. In order to ensure you are completing this task properly, simply follow the step by step instructions outlined below. Supplies You Will Need screwdriver level weather stripping screws (choose appropriate screws for the material of your window frame) mounting bracket (one may have been included with your air conditioner) Step 1: Attach Mounting Bracket To Window Sill Read More 

Wish You Could Enjoy Your Pool In The Winter? 3 Fun Ways To Use Your Pool All Year

It's the middle of winter and you have that beautiful swimming pool sitting in your backyard. You daydream about the coming summer months when you can start enjoying it again. You keep your pool maintained all year, so you should be able to use it all year. If you think you can only enjoy your swimming pool during the summer, you're missing out on a lot of fun times. Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy your swimming pool all year round. Read More