Bring Workers Together To Move Your Company Forward

Are you afraid your employees are hanging around the water cooler wasting time? Don't be! It's actually a good thing. Why? Experts are finding that face-to-face interactions - whether planned or unplanned - are the most important office activity. They tend to increase engagement, productivity and creativity within a company. And it may not be as hard to implement as you think. Here are a few ideas to transform your employees into an innovative force. Read More 

Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Chimney

Chimney repairs can be an extremely unpleasant experience to go through with your home, but they are an essential part of owning a home with a chimney. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that fail to realize there are steps they can take to help ensure that their chimney is less likely to require major structural repairs. To be specific, there are a couple of tips that homeowners should always attempt to follow: Read More 

What’s Wrong With My Toilet? Common Toilet Problems And What To Do About Them

Toilets are a very important necessity for any home. Unfortunately, they often encounter problems. These problems can cause them to overflow and can lead to other issues, such as an inability to flush. However, one thing is for sure - toilet problems are gross! Fortunately, if you do encounter toilet trouble, know that toilet problems are fairly easy to identity. Once you've identified them, finding a solution usually isn't that hard. Read More 

Water Heater Failure Inspection Points

Water heater failure usually comes at the hand of corrosion or burnout, but the cause of the problem may be deeper than first expected. By analyzing a few failure points and looking for the possible causes, you can get your hot water running properly and avoid future breakdowns from the same problem. Corrosion And Rust From Water Quality Changes Most water heater and tank systems are made from steel or copper. Read More 

Annual Maintenance To Prepare Your Furnace For The Winter Months

The words "annual maintenance" may cause you a little worry; after all, if there are any ways to escape annual maintenance costs, you'll probably take them. But your furnace is a complex and expensive piece of machinery, and if for any reason it stops working during the winter, you'll be looking at expensive repair bills -- and being cold while you do it. Yearly maintenance and repair is a good way to keep costs low and your furnace running efficiently, but there's a positive spin to it. Read More