Three Types Of Window Tinting

There are many types of residential tinting options available. This means that it shouldn't be difficult for you to have your windows tinted as you want them to be. Here is some information about tinting that can help you.

There is window tinting that offers different things homeowners may want. In fact, there are three main types: security tint, solar tint, and decorative tint.

Security tint 

A security tint is a tint that helps offer a layer of protection to your home. This type of tint can help to prevent the glass in your home from breaking during intense storms. It can also help to prevent someone from coming in through the window by breaking it. This type of film is thick, and it makes it so the window can't just be broken. Instead, if the window does take a hit that is hard enough to cause a break, then the tint will still prevent shards of glass from flying everywhere. When the tint holds everything in place even after a break, someone trying to get in would still have their work cut out for them. During a storm, the fact that the tint holds everything in place means there is a lower risk of someone in the home being hurt by flying glass.

Go with this tint if You live where there are strong storms, you live in a high crime area, or you live near a ballpark.

Solar tint 

A solar tint helps make your home more efficient. This is the type of tint that can help you keep the house comfortable on hot summer days. If you've ever stood close to a window when the sun was shining on it, then you're familiar with how much heat can come through. This tint stops that heat, and it also helps to cut out some of that brightness. Another bonus is that you can protect your home's interior from sun damage. The damage that sunlight can do to expensive floors and furniture often comes as a very unpleasant surprise to many people.  

Go with this tint if you have a hard time regulating the cool air in your house, you don't like your house to be too bright, or you have a hard time regulating the warm air on cold days.

Decorative tint 

Decorative tinting is thin, and it really doesn't offer you protection from weather damage, criminals, sunlight, or anything else. Instead, this type of residential tint has the job of offering you some privacy and helping to give the windows a particular look you would prefer them to have. You have choices when looking for this tint. You can go with dark tint, colored tint, mirrored tint, etched tint, fogged tint, or many other styles. Go with this tint if you wish your windows didn't look so bare, you want to have designs on your windows, or you want the windows to complement the exterior color of your home.

For more information, call a glass tinting service.