Understanding Septic Tank Drainfield Repair

If you have a failing septic tank drainfield, repair may be the only option. In most cases, you will call your local septic tank service and repair contractor. If you have never needed this service in the past, you will have several questions about the repair process. Here are a few of the key points you need to know for understanding the process and what you need to know about each key point

Saturation Detection

The first thing your septic tank contractor will look for is over saturation of your drainfield. This saturation is the key reason that most drainfields will fail. If your contractor finds saturation they will determine if the area can be pumped and dried out. If this is an available option they will discuss the time frame needed to pump the area, dry the area, and to determine if further repairs are needed. If the area is completely over saturated, the repair contractors will discuss other options with you at this time.

Trenching Out

Then next step your contractor will mention is trenching out the area. This means they will dig trench holes to help drain the area if the area is truly over saturated. This will help to drain the area slowly, but drying it out can take an extended period of time. During this time they contractor will need to discuss a plan with you for a new septic area. This will mean taking the steps to determine what type of septic tank you need and any special requirements that are required.

Plumbing and Placement

The final step of the drainfield repair will be to complete drying out the area and replacing the bacterial mat. This will mean that you can possibly reconnect to the original septic tank area and continue using it. However, depending on the severity of the issue, you may not be able to simply reconnect the system. If this is not a possibility your septic tank contractor will discuss options as part of the septic tank drainfield repair plan. Plumbing options will also be discussed as part of the overall treatment plan and placement of a new tank if necessary.

When you are ready to schedule the repair, or have a consultation done for your drainfield, contact your septic tank repair contractor. They can schedule an appointment to analyze the drainfield issues. They can then tell you what issues you are having and what repair treatment plan they have in mind for your septic tank drainfield repair.