Worried About A Latent Leak? What Every Homeowner Should Know

Moisture and water are one of the most common causes of major home repair issues. Both are capable of causing decay in rafters, floor joists, sill plates, and other important parts of the home's support structure and framework. Both can also make the home more likely to suffer infestations of termites or the development of mold.

This is why most homeowners take any type of excessive moisture or water leak very seriously. Unfortunately, homeowners often do not know about small, but devastating water leaks until their home has already incurred damage. If you are wondering whether your home may be suffering from a water leak, this information can help. 

Clues from water usage

One of the first signs that homes are experiencing a hidden water leak is when the family's water usage bill increases but the household has not increased the amount they have used. If the first sign is a sudden upward spike in water usage, the leak may have just occurred. In many cases, however a hidden water leak first becomes apparent when homeowners see a small but consistent upward trend in their water bill over a few months. 

Homeowners who have no water bill because they own their own private water well may see the same spike or upward trend in their electricity bill if a water leak is occurring. This is because the leaking water is causing their water well pump to activate more often, requiring more power to be used.

Additional clues of a possible water leak

In addition to increased water usage, homeowners may see visible clues that a water leak is occurring in a hidden area of their home. These can include: 

  • suddenly finding mold or mildew growth on surfaces inside the home
  • finding a muddy or wet area of soil over underground water lines 
  • finding a new water stain on ceilings or walls inside your home

In addition to clues you can see, water leaks can often be detected by paying attention to sounds inside your home. If sounds of water running or dripping noises are heard when no water use is occurring in the home, a water leak should be suspected. 

To learn more about hidden water leaks in the home and get help with finding them, contact a reputable water leak detection service in your area. These professionals can quickly assess your home for potential water leaks so you can have them repaired before serious damage can occur.