Steps For Cleaning Up Fire, Smoke, And Water Damage After A House Fire

Restoring your home after a fire could entail a lot of rebuilding to replace damaged materials. If the fire was small, you might face extensive cleanup rather than a lot of rebuilding. When there's a fire in your home, several dangers happen at once. First, there's damage from the fire, then you have water damage and smoke damage added in. Plus, there could be toxic fumes from melting plastic and other dangerous substances in your home. Fire restoration usually involves help from professionals. Here are some steps they take.

Assess The Risks

Restoration begins with a thorough assessment to determine the type and extent of the damage. Your ducts may be inspected for signs of soot and smoke damage that has to be removed. The wiring between the walls and the electrical panel may need to be inspected for signs of fire or water damage. The structural stability of your home is also assessed to make sure it's safe for workers and to determine the type of protective equipment the workers will need to use.

The initial assessment may also include a look at your possessions to determine their risk of further damage so an effective cleanup plan can begin. The longer soot and smoke linger on surfaces, the more damage that occurs due to the acid nature of the smoke. Your valuables could be ruined if they aren't restored quickly. The assessment also includes a look at what can't be saved and needs to be thrown out. With all this information at hand, the restoration company can bring in the proper equipment and crew to get work done safely and properly.

Dry Out Water Damage

The water damage to your home could be significant if the fire department had to douse the flames to put out the fire. The water has to be removed with wet vacs or pumped out so the building materials can dry out unless they are going to be replaced. This is detailed work since water can flow into hidden places and be in rooms that were not damaged by fire. Getting all the water out is important or else mold could become a problem later on.

Clean Surfaces

Walls, flooring, and the ceiling will be replaced if it is badly damaged, but some surfaces may survive the fire with only smoke damage. Things like kitchen counters, bathtubs, and walls in other rooms could be covered in soot that needs to be scrubbed away to prevent long-term damage and to clear the home of smoke odors. This can be time-consuming work, but it goes faster when several people work on the job.

Remove Smoke Odors

Getting rid of all the smoke odors in your home can be tricky, but a restoration company can scrub the air to get rid of airborne particles and use equipment and cleaning products that neutralize odors. Eliminating the smoke odor is essential because it can last for a long time if it isn't removed at the source. The odor might irritate your allergies and cause you to use air fresheners excessively that only make the problem worse.

A fire damage restoration company not only restores your home to its previous livable condition, but it also eliminates toxic residue and dangerous airborne particles so your home is safe and free from any lingering effects of the disaster.