Why You Should Consider Designing Your Retirement Dream Home For Co-Habitation

Retirement is the perfect time to build a new home that finally fits your dreams because you have both the available time and the money to handle such a large task. As you get close to retirement, you might want to consider designing your dream house around the idea of other people living there with you. Here are some reasons to consider this when planning your custom home project.

Shared Expenses

Custom homes can fit any budget, but you can afford bigger and better built-in features by splitting the cost with a co-owner. Finding a friend that has also dreamed of retiring in the Southwest in a luxury bungalow allows you to stretch your budget during building and for the rest of your life. Once the home is built, you can split the utility bills and maintenance costs. When it comes time to paint the exterior or re-roof the home, you'll find it a lot less stressful to pay for these costs when there's someone else paying a percentage of them.

Shared House Chores

It takes a lot of labor to maintain the interior and exterior of a home, and your energy and enthusiasm to do these chores tends to decrease as you age. Instead of hiring people to do the extra work, you can share that labor with your housemates. You can trade tasks that are better suited for each individual as you age and develop certain limitations. It's also a great reason to have a younger family member move in to handle some of the more laborious maintenance tasks and chores for you in exchange for reduced or free rent. Building a suite with a co-resident in mind makes this transition as easy as possible without anyone feeling crowded.

Shared Vehicle

You know owning a car means paying plenty of money to repair, insure, and maintain it. Why not split the costs with your housemate? Living together makes it practical to share a vehicle since you can work around each other's schedules. The car is already in the driveway, ready to go, without the need to travel from one home to another just for sharing. Co-inhabiting in a custom house also means sharing lawn equipment, pool maintenance tools, and more.

Shared Time

Making space in your home for your loved ones, whether you're related or not, is one of the joys of designing a custom home. Retirement can be surprisingly lonely if you're used to talking with co-workers all day. Having someone move in, or sharing a house with multiple friends and family members, gives you the support net you need to enjoy life regardless of illness or disability as well. Sharing your time and home with someone gives you a chance to have a personal caretaker that fills in when visiting nurses aren't present.