Signs That A Tear In Your Aluminum Commercial Garage Door Requires Professional Repair

Commercial garage doors are often made of aluminum. While there are many benefits to aluminum commercial garage doors, one of the drawbacks to this type of door is that it can develop small tears or holes in the metal. These small holes can be caused by debris, such as rocks or sticks hitting the door, someone leaning or pushing on the door or rust. If there is a tiny hole in the metal, you may be able to purchase an aluminum repair kit and fix the damage yourself. But other times, the repair is best left to a professional. Here are three signs that a tear in your aluminum commercial garage door requires professional repair:

The Edges are Jagged or Uneven

If you see a small rip or tear in your commercial aluminum garage door, feel the rip or tear. If you can glide your hand smoothly over the rip or tear, a do-it-yourself kit will likely adhere to the rip or tear. But if the split is jagged and uneven, the kit won't adhere. The area will need to be sanded or filed down before the repair can be made and this is a task that is best left to the professionals. 

Water and Moisture Has Seeped Through the Rip

Another sign that you need a professional repair for a rip or hole in your aluminum commercial garage door is moisture seeping through the rip. If you have a rip, water or moisture can seep in through the crack. Unfortunately, this can cause problems like rust and mold, if you have insulation inside of the door. A professional should be called in to determine how much water has seeped in and what potential problems the water may have caused before sealing off the crack or hole. 

The Metal is Distorted Around the Rip

The last sign that your commercial garage door needs a professional repair for a rip is that the metal around the tear or hole is distorted. The metal may be dented or bubbled up. Either way, the metal needs to be pounded back into shape before the repair can be made. You can damage an aluminum door pulling or pounding a dent or bubble out, so call on a professional for this task. 

If you have a rip or tear in your aluminum commercial garage door, you may be able to fix the repair yourself under the right circumstances. But if weather elements have been seeping through the rip, the edges are jagged or uneven, or moisture has seeped through the rip, you should call in a professional to repair your commercial door for you.