Factors That Go Into A Beautiful Landscape Design

Designing a beautiful landscape is not usually a skill that comes naturally. In addition to having an artful touch, you also need to know about the light and water requirements of various plants. You need gardening skills and the ability to choose the right plants and keep them alive. To achieve the design you want and to make sure it is installed for longevity, you'll probably need to hire a landscape designer. Here are some factors that are considered when designing a beautiful yard.

Install An Irrigation System

To keep your lawn lush and your plants healthy, they'll need adequate water. The best way to supply that is with an irrigation system. You'll need a system designed to supply the right amount of water where it is needed. Sprinklers can keep your grass healthy if they are placed properly so the entire lawn is watered. Sprinklers might also water your plants and flowers sufficiently, or you might need to add a drip irrigation system for those.

Replace The Grass With Sod

If the grass in your yard is mostly weeds and has spotty growth, you may want to pull it out and put in sod. New sod is the quickest way to transform the appearance of your lawn. You won't have to wait for grass to grow. Instead, thick and healthy grass can be rolled onto your lawn for a new look in just a matter of days. Your old grass is stripped off first, and the soil is amended if necessary to make it nourishing for the sod.

Put In Flower And Plant Beds

A bed of flowers or plants is the perfect accent to an otherwise green lawn. The right mulch adds a touch of color or natural beauty while the plants add variety. Placement of the bed or beds is an important consideration in landscape design. The bed is placed where the plants will receive the best amount of sun while also complementing your home. Drainage must also be considered so the bed doesn't hold water against the foundation of your house. Choosing plants and flowers requires gardening skill and artistic appreciation for beauty. Plants are chosen according to their growing requirements and life cycle and then arranged according to height and color. Trees can also be chosen and planted in the right locations so they won't become problems when they are mature.

Choose Landscape Lighting

A lush, green lawn that's accented with colorful plants is attractive during the day, but it is invisible at night unless your yard is illuminated with landscape lighting. Lighting a landscape is more than making walkways brighter. The lights can light up a tree, showcase a plant bed, or cast dramatic shadows on your house.

Whether you have a tiny yard or an estate to landscape, having it professionally designed will make you feel like your yard is a beautiful oasis. Since plants and landscaping elements can be expensive, it is worth the extra cost to bring in a professional landscape design firm to get started on the right track so you don't buy plants that die easily or that can't thrive due to mistakes with their installation.