Solar Panels or Solar Shingles: Which Is Better?

In a world of increasing technology and advancements in the search for energy efficiency, solar roofing materials are sought after. Two of the most common options right now are solar panels and solar shingles, but choosing one option over the other can be difficult. This guide will help you determine which type of roofing material is best for your solar power system.

Solar Shingles

Solar shingles are still pretty new, meaning that many consumers know little about them. These tiles are more available and affordable for the average homeowner now than in the past. They are also easier to install than you might think because they require few pieces.

Solar shingles are reflective but appear much like regular roofing shingles in shape and size. This makes them less noticeable than panels and possibly even more aesthetically appealing. They simply might match the home better.

You can also choose solar shingles rather than panels because they are versatile. Any type of roof can support solar shingles, so you do have options if you consult with a company like Ray's Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc.

Solar Panels

One thing that solar panels have to offer that shingles do not is longevity. People know what to expect from panels, but not as much is known about shingles. Additionally, panels tend to lend more efficiency to your system than shingle technology does.

Unfortunately, the process of installing solar panels is much more difficult than the process of installing solar shingles. It is simply a more technical process, especially because your roofer is first tasked with installing shingles underneath the panels.

Many homeowners don't prefer solar panels simply because they are so easy to see from a distance. They are not the kind of roofing you want if you do not want your home to stand out.

Still, solar panels do offer the advantage of being versatile. You can use them on just about any type of roof, and you can even install them on sheds, garages, and other settings with good access to the sunlight. In fact, you could even put panels on a car.

Ultimately, you have many options as a homeowner. If you are looking for a new type of roof, consult with a roofing professional to learn more about your options. It is quite easy to find a roof that you love, and solar power could go great with in terms of efficiency and aesthetics. Your roofer will know more about your options.