Building A New Custom Home? Great Features You Want To Consider Adding

If you are building a customized home and are looking for some unique touches that are going to add luxury and convenience to the property, there are a few great additional features you don't want to miss. Spending a little extra money to add some fun touches to the property during construction can help you enjoy your home more, and make it more valuable. Look into the following options.

Motorized Blinds

Blinds that can be controlled automatically, instead of having to go around the house to open and close everything when you want a change, is so convenient. This allows you to close the house up from one room, set timers so you can be woken by the sun at sunrise every morning, and have privacy in an instant if needed. You can get these blinds to go on the inside of the window as a covering, or some will go in between double-pane windows. For more information, contact local professionals like Park City Blind & Design.

Heated Floors

If you love the look of tile but you aren't sure if you want to walk on cold floors when you get out of the shower or in the middle of the winter, heated tile flooring for the bathroom is great. You can heat the tiles during the winter when the weather is chilly, or even if you think the tiles get too cold during the summer when the house is air conditioned. The contractors will add a heating tube under the tiles when the flooring is installed.

Wireless Security and HVAC Controls

The home security system, HVAC control, and surround system can all be linked together and controlled wirelessly from your smart phone or from a wireless device along with the control panel on the property. This makes it easy to control everything going on in your home from anywhere, whether it's in your master bedroom or while you're away traveling. This makes it easy to shut the air conditioning off if no one is home or get an alert that there is a fire when the authorities are called by your home security system.

If you are building a custom home and are looking to add the best convenience features that are available, these are three things that can make living a little easier. Talk with your building contractor about getting these different materials and systems installed throughout your property, so they are all ready for use when you move in.