Dispelling a Few Myths About Air-Conditioning System Care

Your home's air-conditioning system can be a critical system for keeping your home comfortable when it starts to get hot outside. Unfortunately, there are many people that may not be particularly well-informed in regard to their air-conditioning system. In particular, it can be relatively common for individuals to give credit to frequently believed notions about these systems. By having the following three notions about central air conditioning systems refuted, you should find yourself in a stronger position when it is necessary to make informed choices for your home.

Myth: It Is Not Necessary to Clean the Exterior Unit

Many homeowners are under the impression that they will only need to change the air filter to keep their air-conditioning system working efficiently. However, it is also necessary to regularly clean the central unit's exterior. When you fail to keep the air-conditioning unit clean, the vents can become clogged with leaves, dirt, and many other materials. If these vents are allowed to become clogged, the unit will experience a drastic decrease in efficiency. Luckily, keeping your exterior unit clean is not a particularly difficult task for you to do. You will simply need to wash it with a car hose and damp towel to remove these substances from the vents.

Myth: Yearly Maintenance Is Not Important for Your System

Having the system professionally serviced on a yearly basis may seem excessive. However, it should be noted that these systems will experience substantial wear and tear over the course of time. This wear and tear will eventually cause the entire system to malfunction if it is not serviced. Fortunately, these service visits can be completed extremely quickly, and you will not be required to be home. If your air-conditioning system is behind a gate or in an otherwise difficult-to-reach area, you will need to leave a key for the technician so that they can reach these areas.

Myth: Adding a Central Air Conditioning Unit to Your Home Will Always Substantially Increase Your Energy Costs

There is another frequent belief that an air-conditioning system will always result in far higher energy bills. While it is true that these systems require large amounts of power, there are steps that you can take to minimize the energy demand of your system. In particular, it is possible to invest in high-efficiency air-conditioner units. Another option is to opt for an air-conditioning system that is powered by solar panels. While this type of system will be more expensive than a conventional air conditioner, the energy savings can more than offset this cost over the units life. 

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