Three Questions To Ask When Hiring A Paving Contractor

When your driveway is cracked and otherwise worn out, you essentially have two choices -- you can attempt to seal the cracks with a sealing set or you can hire a paving contractor to tear up your driveway and get the job done right. The former choice is a stop-gap measure that won't last long, while the latter should be able to last at least 20 years. It's beneficial to research some paving companies that service your community and then develop a list of potential candidates. When you call each contractor to get a price estimate and see how soon the job could be completed, it's also beneficial to gauge each contractor's answers to these three questions.

Could You Give Me Some Addresses For Other Jobs You've Done?

For a paving contractor, completed driveway jobs are the contractor's resume. As such, any reputable organization should be happy to present you with some addresses for other jobs. Try to get some addresses for recent jobs as well as those done several years ago; for the latter group, you'll be able to evaluate how well the asphalt is holding up. Once you have this list, you can take a little time to drive past these homes and check the quality of each job. If you like what you see, it's a reason to move forward with hiring the contractor.

What Steps Will You Take To Protect My Lawn?

Any time heavy equipment is working on your driveway, there's a risk of some minimal damage to the vegetation on either side of the working area. When you ask this question, it's ideal to find a conscientious contractor who will give you an honest answer -- it's possible for some asphalt spray to land on the grass but to minimize this risk, the contractor will place tarps or other protective material along the edges of the grass. The contractor should also tell you of a plan to cover any shrubs or plants growing nearby.

How Comprehensive Is Your Warranty?

Any reputable paving company will offer you a comprehensive warranty in writing before the job begins. It's useful to go over the specifics before you hire the contractor. The warranty should be two-fold, covering the driveway work and the labor. This means that if the driveway's new asphalt fails prematurely for any reason, the labor to redo the job will be covered by the contractor. This full warranty will give you the peace of mind that the contractor stands by his or her work.