Wise Homeowner: What Are Drain Tiles & Why Are They Important?

Your drain system is there to help move clean and soiled water in and out of your home without mixing them. The system is intricate and made up of several compartments, including drain tiles. The following guide will help you understand what drain tiles are and why they are important for your home.

What Is A Drain Tile?

A drain tile is a durable pipe that has been strategically designed with holes so that it can help catch any excess water before it reaches your home's foundation. The drain pipe usually redirects any excess water to the sump pump, where it is finally shot to a dry well or storm drain.

The drain tile is normally installed outside, although some opt for an interior drain tile because the price is more affordable. 

A Closer Look at Your Options

Interior Drain Tile

You won't have to unearth your landscape should you choose to install an interior drain tile. And you won't have to worry about exterior elements disturbing your drain tile, such as roots or weather conditions that might affect the soil, as it will be safely tucked away within your home. But, a good portion of your basement will need to be cut to install this type of drain tile. And you won't be able to stop any seepage affecting the walls of your basement.

Exterior Drain Tile

Your drain tile specialist will have to dig up a lot of your yard to install an exterior drain tile or footing drain. But the foundation of your home will most likely not suffer any seepage after installation. Your drain tile specialist may also have an opportunity to waterproof your basement and entire foundation with a coating, as footing drains will expose enough of your home's foundation so that you can apply this coating if you want. 

Issues Resolved With Drain Tiles

The following are some of the things you'll be protecting yourself from with either drain tile:

  • A damp basement, which can attract insects to your home.
  • Mold or mildew, which could lead to allergies and other respiratory issues.
  • Electrical damage to the wiring of your home or your gadgets.
  • Foundational issues including the possibility of rotting wood.
  • The paint on the walls shouldn't chip prematurely due to the moisture in the walls. 

Now you know just how important it is for you to consider a good drain tile for your drain system, home, and entire family as well. Talk to your drain tile specialist about whether the exterior drain tile or interior tile suits your needs better.

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