When To Cut Down A Tree Altogether Versus Tree Trimming

Sometimes some trees just get in the way. Sometimes you can just trim them back enough to keep them out of the way. At other times, there is just no more wiggle room to leave the tree where it is and not have it be in the way. When it is time to cut down a tree completely rather than just resort to tree trimming, you can use the following guidelines to make that call.

The Tree Is Completely Dead

If the tree in your yard has been slowly dying for no apparent reason and the tree doctor cannot save it, eventually it will look like some haunted spectre of a former tree and it has to go. Despite tree trimming and cutting off the dead limbs, you may not be able to save the rest of the tree if the unknown disease or parasite has slowly spread throughout the branches. Once you cut off all of the tree's branches, there is no way for the tree to collect enough sunlight or carbon dioxide to survive, and the rest of the tree is essentially dead.

The Tree's Root System Is Causing a Lot of Damage

Sometimes the top of a tree is not the problem. The roots of a tree can grow deep and spread out, causing damage to sidewalks, your foundation, and even underground plumbing and buried electrical cables. While you can certainly trim back some of the roots you see, it is not advisable to trim them all back because then the tree has no support and will either blow over in a bad storm or die off because it cannot extract enough water and nutrients from the soil. Additionally, the roots you cannot see and cannot reach will only continue to grow and cost hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages, which you may be responsible for if the tree resides on your property and not on the terrace or near the street.

The Tree's Branches Have Been Cut Back Too Far

Tree trimming to prevent the growth of branches in, around and through electrical wires and telephone poles is quite common. However, some trees end up with half of their branches missing and look absolutely ridiculous with half their crowns waving in the breeze while the wires and cables sway through the area where other branches once were. Sometimes a power company or the city in which you live just decides that the rest of the tree is not worth saving, will only continue to get in the way, or needs to be removed as part of a neighborhood beautification project. Then the tree has to go.

For more information about what course of action to take with your tre, contact a tree trimming service like Tall Timbers Tree & Shrub Service Inc.