Asphalt Shingles Are Still A Respectable Choice For Your Home

These days, there seems to be a trend towards alternative roofing materials, such as metal, slate and wooden shakes. These materials are discussed so often that it may make you feel like asphalt shingles are no longer a respectable choice for your home. Though these other roofing materials certainly do have their advantages, asphalt shingles do still have their place. Here's a look at three reasons it's perfectly fine to stick with asphalt.

It's more affordable.

When your roof is beginning to break down, it's important to replace it promptly, so you don't end up with leaks and damage to your home. It's not wise to put off replacing your roof because you cannot afford to pay the high cost of a slate, metal or shake roof. Asphalt is the perfect choice here, since its lower price will allow you to get a roof on your home sooner. The typical cost of asphalt shingles is between $120 and $140 per square foot (100 square feet), whereas metal roofing can cost between $1000 and $1500 per square foot. Since many roofers offer asphalt roofing, you can also get estimates from a number of companies and stand a better chance of finding an affordable option.

It has a traditional look.

If every other home on your street has an asphalt roof, your home is really going to stand out if you choose another roofing material. On a similar note, even if alternative roofing materials are common in your area, asphalt is unlikely to stick out, since there are still so many asphalt roofs out there. Asphalt roofs' versatile looks blend in with most any neighborhood and any landscaping, so your home never looks out of the ordinary. Other roofing materials are more style-specific. For instance, a metal roof would look strange on a bungalow, and a slate roof would look out of place on a modern, minimalist-style home.

It's not as terrible for the environment as you might think.

Asphalt shingles get a bad rap for being a source of pollution and waste. However, today's shingles are not as bad as those of yesteryear -- many are made from recycled materials and can be at least partially recycled when they're later stripped from your roof. Talk to your roofing contractor if you're specifically looking for eco-friendly shingles, as he or she can recommend a brand. Today's shingles also tend to last longer than older ones, so that means less waste is generated over the life of your home, since it will need fewer roofs in total.

If you're thinking of getting an asphalt roof put on your home, don't let the sudden popularity of other roofing materials dissuade you. Asphalt is still a sturdy, good-looking, affordable choice. Contact a local roofer, like Premier Contractors, for more info.