Four Stand-Alone Special Touches That Will Make Your Guest Bathroom Feel Luxurious

When you have guests stay over, you want them to feel welcomed and pampered -- but designing a guest bathroom with a luxurious spa appeal can be costly. If you're on a budget but still want to design a luxurious spa bathroom, a good compromise is to choose one special touch. Here's a look at four stand-alone special touches that will make your entire guest bathroom feel more luxurious.

A Granite Vanity

Granite is synonymous with luxury in the bathroom. A granite vanity, even if small, can make the bathroom feel more spa-like. Make sure you choose a light shade of granite, as a darker vanity may make the room feel less spacious. You can find granite vanities with built-in granite basin sinks or ones with stainless steel sinks set into them. If you have stainless steel elsewhere in your bathroom, going with the second option will tie the look together.

.Get in touch with a business like A. Padilla Marble, Inc. if you have specific questions about incorporating stone vanities or countertops in your bathroom.

A Heated Toilet Seat

This idea may sound a bit awkward, but if you live somewhere with chilly winters, your guests will really appreciate the heated seat in the middle of the night. Some models stay heated all of the time, while others turn on and off. The variety that turns on and off is probably better for a guest bathroom so you're not paying for the electricity to run it when there's no one around to use the bathroom.

A Rainstorm Shower Head

At the end of a long day of travel, your guests will be looking forward to a nice shower -- and there are few showers more relaxing than those under a rainstorm shower head. This style of shower head mounts to the ceiling. It gently rains water down on the person using it, rather than propelling it forcefully. The shower head usually covers a rather broad area, so the person's body can be completely exposed to the water.

Heated Floors

This upgrade may be a bit more expensive than the others on this list, but if you have the money in your budget, it's well worth it. You might find yourself using the guest bathroom just because the heated floors are so nice. Typically, the floors are heated with a system of pipes that are placed below the floor and carry hot water. You'll need to work with a plumber to ensure the pipes and heating system are installed properly.

You do not have to completely remodel your bathroom or choose the best quality of everything in order to please your guests. Choose just one of the features above and your room will have an instant touch of luxury.