Fruit Flies That Won’t Die: Get Rid Of The Problem Once And For All

If you have a fruit fly problem throughout the home and you can't find a way to get rid of those pesky little pests, there are a few professionals you'll want to have come to the home. There are many places where the flies could be coming from, but the experts can help eliminate the attraction.

Clean your house from top to bottom to make sure you don't have crumbs and liquids on the counters or around the tables, and then let the professionals do the rest of the work.

Drain Cleaning

The insects could be attracted to bacteria and odors that are living deep in the drains of your plumbing, or even just in food that is stuck in your drain trap. Having a plumber clean out all of the drains throughout the house can stop them from hiding in your garbage disposal and around the bathroom sink, and stop them from going into the drains to breed.

If the plumber thinks that odors are coming from the sewer lines and that could be attracting the flies, you want to have the pipes inspected right away.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up and Inspection

The fruit flies could be breeding and laying eggs in your air conditioning unit, and then they are led into the house through the ducts that allow the cold air to pass through. Have an air conditioning service professional like Southwest Heating and Cooling come to the home to clean, inspect, and tune-up the air conditioner, to get rid of the fruit flies and larvae that may be around. The expert will also give you a detailed report on your appliance and its efficiency.

Carpet Cleaning

A child could have spilled something that never got cleaned up, or a pet could have had an accident and no one found out, soiling the carpeting. This could be attracting the flies into your home, and getting the carpets professionally cleaned may help. This is going to kill the flies and the larva in your carpet fibers that haven't hatched yet, and remove odors from the home while improving the look of your carpeting.

If you are tired of fruit flies and you've tried different tactics without any improvement, call the professionals to have these three things done to the house. They are all tasks that should be performed regularly while you own the home, so it isn't like you are wasting money having the projects completed.