Beauty And The Door: Three Unique Material Options For Residential Garage Doors

There are many important parts to your home. The kitchen, bathroom, and backyard are just a few. Your garage door is also important, although it may not seem like it. However, simply replacing it can entirely change the appearance of your home and increase curb appeal.

If you are tired of the same humdrum garage doors you see every day, consider using an alternative material for your garage door. These three unique, but beautiful, materials are perfect for any residential garage door:

1. Copper or Bronze

It may seem a little odd, but copper and bronze are both beautiful and sturdy. While it's made of metal, it is different from standard metal doors because of its color and texture. Over time, the door will oxidize and create a beautiful weathered look—which works well with farm-style homes.

Like other metals, copper and bronze are both strong and durable. They are also eco-friendly, since they are usually comprised of recycled materials.

2. Glass

Glass is newer trend, but another viable option. Although it might not seem like it, glass offers various looks and styles—making each door truly unique. It can be completely clear and see-through, or opaque. Glass can also be coated or texturized to create a softer look. You can even use a combination of these two designs to create a truly personal and unique door.

Contrary to popular belief, glass is actually quite strong. But if you are still worried about strength, opt for fiberglass. It's much stronger and less likely to crack and break, especially in cold climates.

3. Stone

Natural materials are a huge hit in the decorating world, and the garage door is no exception. While stone wasn't a common material for garage doors in the past, it's quickly becoming a hot new trend. Contrary to what you may believe, stones no longer need to be bulky or heavy. With innovative technologies, stone "panels" or "sheets" can be used to construct an all-natural and unique garage door.

Stone is usually mounted to an existing garage door and frame, typically one made of aluminum. It is then coated with a sealant, to ensure the door remains safe in harsh weather conditions.

All three of these materials work with the basic types of garage doors: swing out, swing up, roll up, and slide to side. So if you are interested in overhauling your home, consider using one of these three alternative materials for your garage door. For more information, contact companies like Doors/Windows Unlimited Inc.