Concrete Parking Bumpers

Parking is a concern for any business owner. Keeping your parking lot well organized sets your mind at ease and keeps your customers happy. Using precast concrete products such as precast concrete steps, wheel stops, and parking bumper can help you achieve this goal. Here are some attributes to consider before making an investment in precast concrete steps: 

Vehicle Type

Concrete parking bumpers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Selecting the right size for the type of vehicle most likely to park in your lot is critical to provide sufficient stopping power, and avoid vehicle damage. Concrete wheel stops for large delivery trucks and 18-wheelers are built higher and heavier than those designed for passenger vehicles. All concrete parking stops will come with precast holes designed to allow you to anchor them into your parking lot with a fastener of your choosing. 

Parking Space Type 

Concrete parking bumpers come in many colors as well. Having the appropriate colored bumpers allows you to efficiently organize your parking lot to your liking. Yellow bumpers can be utilized in low visibility areas, or for short-term parking. Blue bumpers are appropriate for handicapped space designation requirements. Buying neutral colored bumpers allows you to customize them to your liking with paint if your project's timeline allows. There are even concrete bumpers that are designed to look like wood logs, but are much more durable. These still allow for a minimal visual impact on a natural setting. 


Concrete parking blocks should be maintained along with the rest of your parking lot to ensure you get the most life out of your space. Regular power washing will remove any chemicals from vehicles, acid rain, or normal pollutants. Re-applying paint to fading, chipping, or cracking bumpers improves their appearance and gives them an additional layer of protection. When pricing out unpainted concrete bumpers be sure to include maintenance costs in your overall project cost. 


Concrete parking bumpers don't need to withstand bunker busters or earthquakes, but they do need to last the life of your parking lot or garage. Not all concrete is created equal, so do some basic research and ask your manufacturer what the life expectancy of their product is. Applying a concrete sealer can help strengthen your bumpers. 

Keeping your parking lot well organized is sure to keep your customers happy and returning often to your business. Get organized soon with quality concrete parking bumpers talk to places like for more information.