Remodeling Your Kitchen: Choosing The Right Stove For You

When you decide that it is time to finally remodel your kitchen, you have a wide variety of decisions to make. These decisions do not only extend to the building materials you will use and the architectural design, but also to your new and improved appliances. One of the most important appliance decisions you will make in this process is your choice of stove. When deciding which stove is right for you, it is important to analyze the various benefits of each type of stove. Only then will you be able to reach the decision that will best serve your kitchen remodeling needs. 

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves, while once second choice to easier to install electric stoves, are rapidly making a comeback among savvy homeowners. One of the biggest benefits of a gas stove top is the precise control you have over the temperature of your burners. Professional chefs swear by gas stoves because cooking well requires foods to be cooked at an exact temperature that electric ranges just do not allow for. 

Additionally, gas stoves will actually use less energy in your home. The heat generated by an electric stove expands beyond the top of the range to areas surrounding your stove which weakens the heat applied directly to your cookware and uses more energy to maintain the correct temperature. And, if you live in an area that suffers from frequent power loss due to unruly weather patterns, a gas stove would be your best friend. You will still be able to use your stove even if your electricity is out--meaning you will have a nice hot meal in spite of having no electricity. 

Electric Stoves

As previously mentioned, electric stoves are far easier than gas stoves to install. All you need to do is place and plug in your electric stove and you are ready to get cooking. Additionally, electric stoves on average are quite a bit cheaper than gas stoves. If you are a novice cook or do not use your stove all that much, the investment in a gas stove would be essentially wasted as the basic of an electric stove would serve you just fine.

Electric stoves also come in their fancier forms, such as the induction stove top. Induction cooking is extremely fast and precise. The only area of your stove that heats up is the area in direct contact with your cookware. If you choose an electric induction stove, though, you will need to replace your cookware with induction-friendly cookware as standard pots and pans will not work. 

As you can see, the choice of stove in your kitchen remodel depends on your needs, cooking skills, and budget. As you consider your stove options, keep these basic factors in mind, and you will make the right choice for you and your newly remodeled kitchen.