Why You Should Install Granite Countertops

You should consider granite countertops when designing or installing a new cabinet system in any room in your home. Granite countertops are great for kitchens, bathrooms and even for an office desk. This article explains the advantages and great features of granite countertops.

Granite Is Unique

Perhaps the first and most obvious advantage of granite is that each slab is unique. Granite is cut directly from the earth's core. This means every piece is truly unique. Granite is formed when lava cools in the earths crust. It is this quick cooling process that gives each slab of granite its unique coloring and texture. Granite is then cut into thin slabs and buffed out to give it a shiny and smooth finish. When you walk into a granite showroom, you are just seeing a raw piece of granite that has been cut and buffed out.

Granite is Nonporous and Sanitary

Granite has always been particularly popular in bathrooms and kitchen. This is because bathrooms and kitchen are subject to a lot of moisture. Granite is hard and virtually nonporous. This means it is ideal for such wet environments. Water will not seep into the granite causing mold. Granite does need to be sealed in order to maintain its waterproof properties over the years. The ceiling process is quite easy. You can apply granite sealant with sponges or rags. Also, you can get the product from most home-improvement stores. So, granite is one the most sanitary and safe products for your kitchen or bathroom.

Another obvious advantage of granite counters is that the surface is so hard. This makes it particularly ideal for usage in the kitchen. You can often use your counter as a cutting board. You do not need to worry about sanitary issues because granite is easy to clean. You can keep it free of bacteria with basic household cleaners. You can prepare all types of food on your granite counters without having to constantly resort to using cutting boards.

In the end, most people are drawn to granite because it makes any room or cabinet system look much classier. With a unique granite countertop, you can make your new cabinets look much more expensive and high-class. There are many different species of granite. You can get nearly any color to match the style of any cabinet system or room in your home. No matter what style of cabinet you want in your home, you should consider adding a granite countertop. Contact a company like Kitsap Kitchen & Bath Co. for more information.