How To Prepare Your Home’s AC System For The Summer Heat

Before the spring and summer heat hits, it helps to get your home's air conditioning system prepared for it. Since you have likely not had your air conditioning on for several months due to the cold winter months, you will need to perform some cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC system. Whether you have central air or a window air unit, it needs to be prepared before you find yourself roasting in 100-degree weather.

Turn On Your Window Air Conditioner

If you have a window air conditioner, turn it on and make sure it is working properly before the temperatures get too high. The last thing you want to do is not turn it on until the middle of July, and realize you don't have any source of cool air during a big heat wave. Around the end of winter, you should turn on your window AC unit to make sure it is working properly. If it hasn't been used in a while, now is a good time to clean it out by using a vacuum brush attachment and cleaning the coils inside and on the back of the unit.

Get Your Ducts Cleaned

If you have central air in your home, hire a company to clean out the ducts. Even if you have been using the ducts due to running your central heat, you still want to clean them when the seasons change. Cleaning your ducts regularly is a good idea, and making a habit of having them cleaned every spring and fall is a really good start to keeping them clean. By the time you are using your air conditioner daily, you get nothing but cool, clean air with no problems.

Have a Ceiling Fan Installed

If you want to lower the amount of energy you are spending on running your central air conditioner during the summer, consider having a ceiling fan installed. There are many excellent benefits to having a ceiling fan, particularly when it is hot out. The ceiling fan not only helps to cool off the room it is in, but it also circulates the air. When your air conditioner is turned on, the ceiling fan will circulate that cool air to provide a better environment, also letting you turn down your air conditioner a few degrees.

Have Your AC Unit Maintained

Aside from getting the ducts cleaned, you also want to have the AC unit itself maintained by a company like Spell's Mechanical Services. Regular maintenance of an air conditioning unit, no matter what kind you have, is important to allowing it to run properly. This is something you should have done at least once a year, so scheduling it before the summer heat hits is a great way to remember.