Sod Vs. Hydroseeding Your Yard

When you need to put grass in your yard, choosing the right option is important so that your yard grows as well as possible. If you are trying to decide between hydroseeding and sod, then here are some pros and cons to help you better understand each choice.

Hydroseeding Pros

First, there are some great pros to hydroseeding. For one, it is not nearly as expensive as sod because the hydroseed is just seed and has not been grown into grass yet. This means that someone did not have to water and care for the hydroseed before selling it to you.

Second, you can select a blend for your seed so that your grass has the right combination of blades that you are looking for.

Third, this methods is fast and easy. You just simply spray your soil with the hydroseed, and then you water it each day so that it will take hold and start to grow.

Hydroseeding Cons

On the downside, seed takes a long time to grow and fully take hold. You may have to wait a couple months or more before seeing a full lawn, depending on how well the seed does in your yard.

Also, another downside to hydroseeding is that when you start to water the seed and the ground, any weeds that exist in the ground will start to grow and thrive. This means that they will spread and can make it more difficult for the grass to grow well.

You will have to let the weeds grow for a while too because you cannot step on the seeded yard while it is just starting to grow, so plan on putting several hours into weeding once the grass has grown in. Eventually, you will get rid of all of them, but it will take some effort.

Sod Pros

Sod is also an excellent option for your yard. When you choose sod, you will not have to spray seed or try to grow grass. Instead, you will just piece the sod strips together and water them each day until they all root into the ground and look uniform. You can walk on the sod as soon as it is down, so you will not have to be extra careful about where you step

Also, once the sod is down, weeds will have a really hard time getting above the sod strips because the strips are thick and will not let little weeds pop through easily.

Sod Cons

The only real downside is the cost. You will have to decide if the higher cost is going to be worth the time that sodding will save compared to the cost of hydro seed. If you just have a small yard, then sod is definitely the way to go because it is not going to cost you that much. 

For more information, contact a local sod company, like Deer Creek Turf.