Why You Should Invest In Electrical Retrofitting For Your Aging Retail Building

When you want to make an investment that will improve the way you do business, as well as the look of your commercial retail store, you need to consider retrofitting the electrical system. Retrofitting is a great investment for improving the atmosphere of any retail space with brighter scenery and comfortable temperatures, as well as an optimal way to make your wallet greener.

So if you want to make a difference in commercial operation on a day-to-day basis, you need to see how retrofitting the electrical system can benefit your aging retail store. 

Retrofitting Options Improve Operations

Retrofitting a retail building is especially important for commercial structures that have been operating for decades. Technological advances within the last ten years have made managing electrical options automated and sensitive to changes in the environment.

When it comes to retrofitting your commercial structure, there are a few options that an industrial electrical contractor might suggest to improve electrical performance:

  • Lamp Swaps: Simple swaps of lamps and fixtures to accommodate LED and fluorescent bulbs will make a big difference in the amount of light produced, as well as everyday energy usage.
  • HVAC Updating: With 25% of your energy usage going to heating and cooling, your building's HVAC system can be one of the more expensive components of operation. Older systems that operate with low SEER ratings should be updated to systems that are energy star rated and work with advanced thermostat controls.
  • Ambient Light Sensors: Sensors that detect light levels can automatically increase brightness when necessary and use ambient light whenever it's available, saving the need to keep lights at a constant on or off throughout the day.
  • Smart Meter Systems: Smart meters monitor your energy usage, so you can be aware of how your business uses it and when it's wasted. These meters are easy to operate (and possible to install yourself in residential applications), but require specialized knowledge for commercial installation.

Aging commercial and retail stores have the challenge of keeping up with competition, which can sometimes be another store that's building is only a few months old. So when you want to invest in an update (from professionals such as Art's Electric) that can have an affect on the way the store's interior looks and feels (without performing major renovations), retrofitting the electricity is a good start.

Retrofitting electrical units for retail stores is not only important for updating to a modern aesthetic, but it can also make commercial operation easier. Compact fluorescent lights, LED lights, and solar options for outdoor areas improve the look and atmosphere of the building's interior and exterior spaces, and they can improve visibility in dimly lit areas as well.

Retrofitting the electrical system of an aging retail store is an important consideration for keeping costs low, maintaining aesthetic appeal, and also receiving green incentives. Though energy incentives vary from region to region, there are many programs that provide returns and tax breaks when you install and employ green technology through electrical retrofitting.