How To Replace The Fuel Nozzle On An Oil-Burning Furnace

The fuel nozzle on an oil-fired boiler can clog up over time and keep your oil-burning furnace from functioning properly. The best thing to do is replace the nozzle to get the furnace running well again. Here is how you can replace the nozzle on an oil-burning furnace.

You Will Need:

  • Replacement Nozzle
  • New Oil Filter
  • New Oil Filter Gaskets
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Catch Basin

Shut-Off Boiler

Shut the power off at the circuit breaker box before you start working on removing the nozzle. You should also close the valve that sends oil to the nozzle.

Remove the Furnace Door

Remove the furnace door and set it aside.

Remove Oil Filter Housing Cover

Remove the bolt from the cover of the oil filter housing unit with an adjustable wrench. Remove the bottom part of the housing unit to gain access to the oil filter and nozzle – the top part of the housing will remain connected to the furnace. Set the catch basin below the housing unit to catch any oil that might spill out.

Replace Oil Filter

You should replace the oil filter at the same time you replace the nozzle to remove any gunk remaining in the filter that could plug up the new nozzle. Take the oil filter off and throw it away. Make sure you also remove and discard the old gaskets on the top and bottom of the housing unit where the filter is screwed into place. Clean out the housing unit with a rag before you replace the old gaskets with new ones. Screw in the new oil filter and reconnect the cover to the bottom of the housing unit.

Remove Nozzle

The nozzle is located under the transformer. Lift the transformer up and remove the oil line to the igniter. You can then remove the nozzle using your adjustable wrench.

Obtain Replacement Nozzle

You need to get an exact replacement for the nozzle. The only way to do this if you don't have the model number already written down somewhere is to read the numbers off of the nozzle you are replacing. Take down the model number of the nozzle and get your replacement. Screw the new nozzle into place. Replace the igniter and screw the oil line back into place.

Bleed Oil Line

The oil line will have a bleeder valve to fill the fuel line back up with oil. Open the valve to send oil to the nozzle. Pump the bleeder valve (there's a pump on the line) on the line until oil flows out of the valve. Close the bleeder valve when you are done.

Start Furnace

Turn the power back on and start the furnace to check for leaks. If you don't find any, put the furnace door back on. You are done.

If you find that you need more help or simply have more questions, contact a company like Shearman Oil Inc. with any questions you have.