How To Install A Window Air Conditioning Unit

Proper installation of your window air conditioning unit is essential to your home's security and the stability of your air conditioner. In order to ensure you are completing this task properly, simply follow the step by step instructions outlined below.

Supplies You Will Need

  • screwdriver
  • level
  • weather stripping
  • screws (choose appropriate screws for the material of your window frame)
  • mounting bracket (one may have been included with your air conditioner)

Step 1: Attach Mounting Bracket To Window Sill

Even a small window AC unit can be quite heavy. Consequently, the use of a mounting bracket is required to support the weight of this appliance and prevent it from damaging your window frame.

When attaching your mounting bracket to the window sill, be sure you are using screws that are appropriate for the type of window frames you have. For instance, if your home has wood windows, you will need to use wood screws to complete this step. However, if you have aluminum windows, you will need to use sheet metal screws.

Once the mounting bracket is in place, use your level to check that the bracket is perfectly even with the window sill. This will ensure that your air conditioner sits properly within your window.

Step 2: Attach Sides To Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner should have come with two side pieces that resemble accordions. These pieces are adjustable to allow for the installation of your air conditioner in just about any size window.

In order to attach the side guards, you will need to first slide each guard into place using the grooves on the top of your air conditioner. Next, use the screws that came with your air conditioner to keep each of these guards in place.

Step 3: Lift Air Conditioner Into Window And Secure

With the help of a family member or friend, carefully lift your air conditioner into the window. If you have installed your mounting bracket correctly, your air conditioner should snap in place.

While one of you holds the air conditioner, the other person should close the window on top of it. Next, use wood or metal screws to attach each side guard to the window frame.

Step 4: Apply Weather Stripping

In order to keep pests and heat out of your home, you will need to seal your air conditioner using foam weather stripping. Use this weather stripping to fill any gaps surrounding the air conditioning unit, especially those between the lower window and the sash.

Step 5: Plug It In And Enjoy

Now that your air conditioner is securely in place and well insulated, all that is left for you to do is plug it in, power it up, and enjoy the cool air it produces.

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